CLIA’s Just Kids Campaign is a statewide advocacy campaign working to stop the automatic prosecution of youth as adults in Maryland.

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A powerful photography exhibition and panel discussion about youth in the adult criminal justice system. Learn how you can help ensure that all youth have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Monday, February 13th, 2017  /  6:00PM to 8:00PM  /  Bowie State University

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Know how to take action this legislative session to stop the automatic prosecution of youth as adults in Maryland and ensure the safety and accountability of our youth and protect families and communities.

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“Juveniles can still change, but in the adult system, there is no changing your life. You might think about changing it, but you come home with nothing but time and tattoos. The juvenile system holds youth accountable in a productive way… All juveniles should have this chance.”


Charged as an adult at age 14

CLIA, a Baltimore-based nonprofit, is the lead organization for the Just Kids Campaign. CLIA develops young people to be leaders by connecting them to opportunities to amplify their voices, cultivate their skills, and actively participate in the process of positive community change.

CLIA’s programs use a youth-adult partnership model in which young people and caring adult professionals work in true collaboration and achieve collective impact through learning, advocating, and inspiring change. Learn more: