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During my time in adult jail I was depressed and felt alone. I felt deprived of a lot. I also felt a sense of failure because I had so much ambition. Most importantly, I felt attacked and targeted by inmates as well as correctional officers. I wasn’t going to allow those in a position of power to just say or do ANYTHING they wanted to me. They always made me the EXAMPLE, which made no sense because I wasn’t causing trouble. Sometimes my outlet was to cry. The blue side of my mask with the darker blue teardrops signifies these feelings. The opposite side represents my strength. Though at times I was down, I kept those feelings internal while on the outside I was like a brick wall, NEVER TO BE BROKEN, even in times of turmoil. My outlet was writing music which is what the music notes on the top of my head symbolize. I’d write and imagine sharing my thoughts with the free world. When you’re physically secluded your mental strength takes over and your imagination becomes your reality.