My goals are: 1) to continue my education, (2) to become closer to god, both physically and emotionally, and to get a better sense of self as well as an understanding of life, (3) to expand my network and meet new people with strong goals and support systems that can mentor me on how to create my own business, (4) invest in savings bonds that accumulate over the years, and (5) have my own family.

Being charged as an adult stopped me from continuing towards my goals.  The year that I spent incarcerated stopped me from furthering my education and getting a job. I lost my entire junior year of high school. I could have been setting my foundation and preparing to move forward in life with plans of being successful. I also could have had the opportunity to meet and settle down with somebody special.

Being incarcerated left me mentally and physically frustrated, lost and without direction.  Even though I was just accused of a crime, not convicted, it was like I was thrown away. I was given no path or encouragement when it came to furthering my life, education, goals or dreams. It left me at a standpoint where people just judge me before they get to know me.