My goals and dreams are to finish high school, have my own business, travel, and take care of my daughter. When I was automatically charged as an adult, I missed a big part of my life. I was locked up for my whole 12th grade year and I regret it. Before I was arrested, I had a scholarship to go to Morgan State University for sports. I had good grades and was doing well in swimming, football, and baseball. I was just a regular school kid. But when I was locked up, Morgan State took my scholarship away. So now I have to start from the bottom again. This time I’m staying away from jail.

Being charged as an adult really threw a whole year away (that’s how I feel) because I am going to graduate a year later. Plus, I have to work twice as hard to get another scholarship. I still can achieve my goals by going to basketball practice every day (even on days we don’t have practice), getting on the coaches good side and having a connection with them. It’s going to be a little hard because l have to give up certain things just for me to play sports. And, I have to leave certain people alone.