[BLUE]  My goals and dreams were to go to college and study business for my t-shirt designing brand, “Y.B.F.” Designing t-shirts is my passion because I can share my creative style with the world. When I was charged as an adult at a young age, my dreams of becoming a successful business owner of my own t-shirt designing company were shattered. It was like trying to make it in life knowing you have a past record on your shoulder that would never go away. It affected me emotionally because this was something I was talented in. I put so much effort and time into it, and to see it all go downhill and fall apart was painful. [GREEN] I want to see the world and go places I’ve never been. I really want to visit New York City. I hear it’s a nice place. The city is huge! [YELLOW] I really want to build a relationship with my father.  Even though I can’t forget his past and how he treated me growing up, I have to try and put it behind me so we can move forward. [ORANGE] I want to get a college degree and a law degree become to become a lawyer. I would like to be a public defender in the criminal justice system. [RED] One day, I want to have everything in my life. I’ve worked very hard to continue where I left off and be there for my wife and my 8 month old princess. I want to give her everything that I couldn’t have growing up. I want her to be better and smarter than me.  I want her to reach new heights in our community and make her dreams become a reality.  I want to grow old and pass from this world as a proud father who changed his life for the better.  This experience caused me to lose myself, but I realized there’s no giving up. I know I can still make my dreams a reality and that’s a promise that I will stick to every day.