Having a criminal record affected my hopes and dreams because when I applied for financial aid to go to school, I was denied because of my criminal background. I want to start CDL classes as soon I can so that I can obtain my CDL license, which means I’ll be able to officially drive tractor trailer trucks. White represents the chance of a new beginning. I will be able to accomplish greater things after receiving my CDL license, like being financially stable forever and a stable provider for and my family. Once I have my CDL license I want to save enough funds to buy and own a home for me and my family. I have always lived in apartments and dreamed of owning my own house and paying a mortgage instead of rent. Green represents the fertility, environment, and safety of having the new home that I dream of owning someday. In the mix of me driving trucks to save money, I will eventually open a savings account for my daughters’ college tuition. After they finish high school they’ll have access to the funds only for college, forcing them to stick with getting a degree. Hopefully they’ll pick great careers to become very successful, financially and mentally. Blue represents the loyalty, trust, confidence and faith that I have in my daughters to finish college and become very successful in whatever they choose to become. I’ll be also working on my first LP to become a famous rapper. Since I was a boy, I always loved rapping and listening to 2Pac, Biggie and Jadakiss. Yellow represents my hope and happiness and it inspires me to think originally when writing songs to become a famous rapper.